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low-reflection rugged touch panels

Polarized & ruggedized
outdoor harsh environments

Sunlight Readable and Rugged Touch Panels 

ALP offers resistive and capacitive rugged touch panels.

We can customize and ruggedize resistive touch panels and equip the touch panel with the following features:

    1. Chemically Strengthened

        0.2 mm and 0.3 mm Thin Glass

    2. Resistant to Impact, Dust, Flame,

        Water, Scratches, and Chemicals

    3. Low Reflectance and

        Sunlight Readable

    4. High Operation Temperature

        up to 80 Celsius

    5. Polarized Sunglasses Compatible

        with No Dark Zones

    6. Integrable with EMI Windows

polarized sunglasses.png

General specifications of rugged touch panel:


We offer 4-wire, 5-wire, and 8-wire resistive touch panel options. Please check the collections out. If you don't find one in our collections, please contact us for a customized product.

4-Wire resistive touch panel selections:         .          .


We also offer 4-wire touch controllers for your use:    .

Option 1

Option 2


5-Wire resistive touch panel selections:


We also offer 5-wire touch controllers for your use:          .

Option 1

Option 2


8-Wire resistive touch panel selections:          .


Suggested 8-wire touch controller for your use:           .

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Customization and Further Ruggedization of Rugged Touch Panels 


If you don't find a touch panel that fits your need from our list, ALP will design a touch panel to meet your requirements. A sample engineering drawing of a typical customized touch panel is provided for your reference:           .

ALP offers further ruggedization of a GFG rugged touch panel by bonding a glass plate to the back of a touch panel:

1. Backing glass thickness 0.7~ 5 mm

2. Chemically strengthened glass or

    regular glass may be selected

The final thickness of this further strengthened touch panel may reach 9 mm and survive the boot kick impact test. 

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