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sunlight readable LCDs up to 2000 nits

Selected LCDs are brightness enhanced
with edge LEDs

High Bright Sunlight Readable LCD, with Edge LED Backlight

We offer sunlight readable LCDs,

    1. 1000 ~ 1500 nits,

    2. Sizes 2.5" to 62",

    3. High Bright LED Backlighting

    4. High Efficiency LED Driver

        with 0-100% Dimming.

    5. Integrable with touch panel, heater,

        EMI, NVIS 


The product is suitable for a broad range of outdoor applications such as industrial monitors for information displays, ultra mobile PCs, and other ultra mobile devices. You may select a high bright LCD from our standard product selection guide, or contact us for LCD enhancement/customization solutions.  


ALP has selected prime LCD panels with different sizes to perform brightness enhancement and NVIS compatibility integration. All DHA may be further upgraded to polarized sunglasses compatible. Please check out the selections in the table linked below: 

Selection of High Bright LCD and Dual Mode NVIS High Bright LCD

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