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The product customization service

Applies to the whole spectrum of elements in LCD DHAs.

Advanced Link customizes! We not only excel in technology but also remain flexible and competent in communicating with you, getting a full understanding of your needs, and customizing the product to your needs.


The product customization service applies to the whole spectrum of elements in LCD DHA. The collaboration between ALP and its Taiwan-authorized OEM manufacturer RayShine Photonics (RSP) is established based on strategic and geographical considerations to serve the display industry. RSP is well established and equipped with manufacturing & testing setups, devoted team members, and supporting OEM vendors for LCD integrations. These combined characteristics make ALP the top choice as your display solution provider. 


Customized Display Head Assemblies

Our vertical LCD integration setup, engineering capabilities, and production capacities secure ALP's leading position in the rugged and sunlight readable display head assembly, DHA, industry. We are able to design, engineer, integrate, prototype, and manufacture the following:

  1. Cover glass, 1 ~ 5 mm: AR coating, cutting, and bonding;

  2. EMI shielding window, micro-mesh or ITO:  laminating, making, and bonding;

  3. Resistive type touch panel: design to production; 

  4. Plastic or glass heater: design to production; 

  5. High bright LCD back light: edge LED strip, or back mini-LED local dimming system;

  6. NVIS LED: design, coat, and manufacture; and

  7. Backlight module with back plate: design, CNC prototype, and production molding. 

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Our team fully commits to communicating and understanding your needs, and we will devote all of our efforts to designing, engineering, and making sure that each element is well integrated to produce a DHA that meets your requirements. Together, we will continue to generate new and advanced display solutions for the growing market. We invite you to connect with us and experience success making superior displays for outdoor applications. 

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