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effecive EMI shielding windows 

Metal micromesh
or low resistance
ITO conductive coating 

ALP provides ITO-conductive glass and the almost invisible micro-mesh to integrate as the EMI shielding windows to sunlight readable LCD users or integrators. These shielding sheets may be easily grounded with conductive tape or silver epoxy ink as the bus bars.

Low Ohms ITO Conductive Glass

Low ohms ITO glass is also available to configure to an effective EMI shielding window per your request. The high reflective ITO conductive coating may be overcome by using index matching coating, which is a costly process. An alternative solution to integrate the highly reflective ITO EMI window is to adopt our patented Air-Gap Integration Technology, which allows total control of the reflection due to the conductive ITO coating. Some features of our ITO EMI windows are summarized below:

  1. Low Resistance, 5~25 ohms/square

  2. May be index matched and/or AR coated to lower the reflectance

  3. Capable of integration with ALP's polarized touch panel to lower the reflectance

  4. EMI Shielding > 50dB, 1 ~ 1000MHz

  5. Wide Temperature Range -40 ~ 90°C

  6. Sizes from 2.5" up to 62"

  7. Glass Thickness 0.7 ~ 8 mm

  8. Integrable with our rugged resistive touch panel and heaters


Micro-Mesh EMI Shielding

ALP uses two different types of micro-mesh, etched micro-mesh and bare metal micro-mesh, to best integrate a mesh EMI shielding window into a DHA. Integration of an etched micro-mesh is not as convenient as integration of a bare metal micro-mesh into a polarized touch panel. The bare micro-mesh is a mesh sheet with no substrate, which makes it easy to integrate with all different substrates, glass, acrylics, plastics, retarders, polarizers, and touch panels, which allows us to offer various EMI mesh shields with minimum reflection introduced (nearly zero).  More features of bare blackened metal mesh are listed below:

  1. Nonwoven, bare blackened Ni mesh

  2. Mesh diameter ~20 micron

  3. 70 mesh per inch, resistance < 1 ohms/sq

  4. Specular reflectance <1%

  5. Diffuse reflectance < 0.1%

  6. High transmission 88 ~ 90 % and no visible Moiré interference

  7. Capable of integration with our resistive touch panel and heaters


Bare blackened metal micro-mesh integrate on various substrates: glass, crylic, polarizer, retarder.

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