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Fast heating heaters:

Glass or plastic ITO coated substrate
silver ink bus bar, soldered wires 

Fast Heating Heater with Conductive ITO Coating  

ALP offers ITO heaters on plastic or glass substrate. The heater is usually terminated on the opposite sides with silver or copper bus bars. A contacting wire is securely soldered on the bus bar and ready for power supply to efficiently heat up.  Some features of our heater are listed below:

    1. Resistance 5 ~ 20 ohms/sq

    2. High transmittance at ~ 87%

    3. Thickness 0.7 mm or 1.1 mm

    4. Sunlight readable integration

    5. High thermal stability

    6. Extra durable bus bar soldering

    7. Integrable with EMI/Touch screen


The LCD heater may be non-bonded or bonded to the other functional parts, such as a protection cover, an EMI shield, and a rugged touch screen. Our studies indicated that the heating efficiency of our LCD heater is equivalent in both non-bonding and bonding configurations.

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