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extra high-bright LCDs up to 10,000 nits

Selected LCDs are brightness enhanced
with panel miniLEDs

Extra High Bright LCD, 3,000~10,000 Nits, with Local Dimming MiniLED Backlight

We proudly introduced local dimming miniLED backlit LCD into our product line. This photo was taken indoors, and it shows how the color saturation of our LCD with local dimming miniLED backlight (left) is superior to the LCD with regular LED backlight (right). 

Some other features of miniLED LCDs are summarized below:


    1. Sunlight Readable, Brightness 3,000~10,000 nits

    2. High Contrast Ratio ~1:1,000,000

    3. Low Power Consumption

    4. Wide Temperature Range -40~85°C

    5. Long Life Span: > 50,000 hours

    6. Integrable with ALP's NVIS System

mini-regular LED copy.png

This short video was recorded outdoors to show the visibility differences between a local dimming miniLED 7" display (~5.700 nits) and a 500 nits 7" display. the miniLED LCD is clearly sunlight readable under the strong incident sunlight while the 500 nits 7" LCD is barely visible. 

The bottom left illuminating board is the miniLED panel backlight. It is identical to the miniLED panel backlight behind the 7" LCD above. The local dimming is in sync with the miniLED panel backlight and can be clearly seen on the illuminating board at the bottom.

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